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The National German Sustainability Award 2018

Germany’s ‘most sustainable’ brand is ANDECHSER NATUR

With its brand, ANDECHSER NATUR, the Andechser Dairy Scheitz has won the German Sustainability Award of 2018. CEO Barbara Scheitz welcomes the recognition of the ‘German Sustainability Award’: “The ‘German Sustainability Award’ is special to us because our ANDECHSER NATUR organic products are the focus, as they, as a brand, embody most significantly our credo ‘leave natural things natural’.”

The National German Sustainability prize is awarded by the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with the Federal Government and since 2017 it has been under the aegis of the German Federal President.

For more then 100 years the family-owned company, Andechser Dairy Scheitz, has been operating in the dairy business. In 1980, ‘ecologically produced’ milk was processed for the first time, today 645 organic dairy farms provide milk for the modern middle-sized dairy. The dairy observes pasture feeding of organically fed cows with an extra ‘pasture bonus’, which is unique in Germany. In order to ‘put a face to the farmers and create a virtual closeness between the consumer and the producer, the traceability of the product was already introduced in 2008. By entering the best before date, consumers can trace back from which region, or from which organic farm the milk in the products comes from. In addition, consumers can sponsor a cow in order to get to know life on an organic farm and support ecological farming with their contribution.

The jury of the sustainability award honored the professional branding and the stable strength of the brand in the realm of sustainability, as well as the creative approaches to communication. Barbara Scheitz’ reaction: “With our organic product line, ANDECHSER NATUR, we have taken many additional initiatives to engage consumers for organic products. And we have been successful in doing so as well. However, we have to thank our consumers that the Jury of the German Sustainability Award honored this as a ‘success of the brand’, as demand for ANDECHSER NATUR organic products has constantly increased over many years.”

The sustainability award for the organic dairy is due to all participants in the ‘organic value-added chain’. “Everyone is part of the success, first and foremost our organic farmers, our staff, the trade and the consumers of our organic dairy products. We are certainly happy about the German Sustainability Award, but we primarily understand it as an impulse that we continue being committed to our credo: ‘leave natural things natural’.”