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Think Globally, Act Locally – Accept Responsibilites

17 goals for sustainable development – Agenda 2030 of the UN

The Agenda 2030 is the basis for worldwide progress, in harmony with social equality and in the framework of the ecological limitations of the earth. The core piece of the agenda is an ambitious catalog with 17 targets for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs).

For the first time the 17 SGDs take into account all three dimensions of sustainability; social, environmental, economic matters – all equally.


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The ANDECHSER NATUR snap-on lids made of glass

We are permanently checking the ecological balance of our own organization and, of course, the varieties of packaging. This is why we have deliberately omitted our usual snap-on lids to reduce the use of plastic for packaging. Specifically, this means that we save around 30 tons of plastic. For all those who still want a solid lid for big yogurt and curd cups we offer our plastic-free alternative made of glass! The high-quality ANDECHSER NATUR glass lid not only offers a sustainable alternative to the common plastic snap-on lid, but it can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. Click here for our new glass lids!

Reduce packaging materials, optimize materials

Since the beginning of 2018 until today we have accomplished a significant reduction of materials used for packaging. With the optimization of materials of all of our packing we were able to save more than 37 tons of plastic. Even small changes can have big effects – the plastic share of our 400g yogurt cup has become lighter by 3 grams per item. By omitting the snap-on lid we save around an additional 30 tons of plastic. 

With the K3 cups we use a carton sleeve made of 100% FSC®-certified paper from sustainable farming. It gives protection and stability. Our packaging requires only a low content in plastic (up to 50% less than common cups). That saves resources and reduces the CO2 output. 

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ANDECHSER NATUR without snap-on lid – less plastic

Since October 2019, we have deliberately omitted the standard snap-on lid on our 400g fruit yogurts, 450g fruit curds and our 400g Greek-style yogurts. By omitting the snap-on lid we were able to save 20% plastic on the fruit curd. We were also able to reduce plastic with the 400g cup. Together with the omission of the snap-on lid this adds up to savings of 45% plastic on this packaging size. From now on the following information can be found on the above-mentioned ANDECHSER NATUR organic products.

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