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Andechser Molkerei



When the grandparents of CEO, Barbara Scheitz, founded the Andechser Dairy between Lake Starnberg and Ammersee, more than one hundred years ago, they let themselves drift along in their relationship with nature, their lust for life and their zest for action.

This was also the motor for Georg Scheitz. In the 1980s the eco-pioneer and father of Barbara Scheitz started to process organic milk. In the mid-1990s, when there was more and more talk of dairy intolerance and allergies, he had the idea of processing goat’s milk in addition to cow’s milk. Barbara Scheitz, who was taught the dairy craft in her parents’ company, undertook the management of the family business in 2003. 

She was the first in the dairy branch to agree on GMO-free production with the dairy farmers. She was also the first to make the production route transparent, enabling a user-friendly internet tracing of the product back to the dairy farmers. And in 2009 she moved the range of products held under the name, ANDECHSER NATUR, fully to organic products.

In order to pool delivery, production and dispatch in one location the ANDECHSER company premises are currently being converted and developed – according to the style and philosophy of the artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Tradition since 1908



The great grandparents of the Scheitz family founded the cheese dairy behind the village church in Erling-Andechs.



Against all odds of the trade, Andechser Dairy Scheitz became the first company to follow through with the deposit-free, brown reusable bottle for milk.



The commitment to organic product quality and environmental protection is acknowledged; new dairy in the Molkereistrasse.



Organic goat’s milk is processed to become organic cheese specialties, great demand allows a big extension of the product range. 



As the first dairy in Europe to be so recognized, the Andechser Dairy is certified according to the EU economic audit, DIN EN ISO 9001, and it is managed according to the goals of the UN Agenda 21 and ecological guidelines.



Novelty on the organic market; organic drinking whey and drinking yogurt are filled for the first time in resealable PET bottles.



As the first dairy in Germany, Andechser Dairy Scheitz made an agreement with the commitment to abandon ‘GMO fodder’ from their conventional dairy companies



Prime brand quality, highest awards for new products, continuous company growth; ‘Andechser Products’ stand for ecological, economic and social compatibility.



‘Nomen est omen!’ The name is an obligation, binds all staff, is an insurance for the consumer. It is destiny, program and standing; Biomilchstrasse Nr. 1 (about: Organic Milk Street No. 1, the address of the dairy).



‘Organic’ – the right way! They guarantee the values that preserve our future; all staff, 500 organic dairy farmers with their 14,000 cows and 11,000 goats. As the first dairy in Germany the Andechser Dairy Scheitz allows traceability of organic milk back to the farmer.



100% organic. The Andechser Dairy Scheitz refines only organic milk to ANDECHSER NATUR products. The range comprises about 130 organic products. 



The first short film on the Andechser Dairy Scheitz is made and shows the range of the ANDECHSER NATUR products. 



The 500th organic cow milk farmer is welcomed – in total around 600 organic farmers provide the Andechser Dairy Scheitz with their valuable cow and goat milk.



Start of “ANDECHSER NATUR cow sponsorship”



Topping out ceremony of the Andechser Dairy Scheitz’ high-rack warehouse.



Completion of the high-rack warehouse with the administration wing and the move into the new building. 



The Andechser Dairy Scheitz marks its products that meet the criteria of origin and quality of the organic Bavarian seal.



Award and presentation of the ‘German Sustainability Award’; Germany’s most sustainable brand in 2018 is ANDECHSER NATUR.



The location development continues to proceed; a yogurt filling station and a new yogurt tank are put into operation. In addition, the milk receiving station is expanded and modernized.




Start of the innovative energy concept: efficiency BHKW & DHKW of 92%, 72% of the electricity quantity from own production, 1.600.000 kg CO2 - saving per year.




Launch of the KlimaBauer initiative - for more animal welfare, biodiversity, climate and soil protection.