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Among the top 20 brands ANDECHSER NATUR is placed after the organizations of demeter and Bioland, and the two brands trigema and ecover. In the food industry, ANDECHSER NATUR scores a top position right behind these two organizations.

May 22, 2020 was the International Day for Biological Diversity! Given the scope of the world-wide extinction of animal and plant species – currently 20 to 50 species become extinct every day, according to Bund Naturschutz – every day should be a day of action for the preservation of biological diversity! This diversity of ecological systems, the biodiversity and the genetic diversity within species must be protected.

 Dr. Vandana Shiva in Andechs

Dr. Vandana Shiva in Andechs

Published on 23. January 2020

On Monday, 20th of January, 2020 we hosted the environmental activist and world-famous critic of globalization, Dr. Vandana Shiva, at the Andechser Dairy Scheitz as part of a several-day trip she had made to Germany.

16 years ago, the Andechser Dairy Scheitz was one of the first dairies in Europe to be certified according to the EU ecological audit. As one of the first in the food industry it had now been successfully checked according to the new EMAS III ordinance as well. 

ANDECHSER NATUR – eine ausgezeichnete Marke

ANDECHSER NATUR – a decorated brand

Published on 28. October 2018

The German trade newspaper, Handelsblatt, instructed the opinion research center, YouGov, to compile a ranking list of the brands of 2018. In the category of ‘dairy products ANDECHSER NATUR was in first place.