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This is how organic cows live

For our ANDECHSER NATUR organic products we only use organic milk certified by the organic agricultural organizations whose regulations are much stricter than the requirements of the EU’s organic farming standards or those of conventional production standards.

More than 80% of our farmers pursue pasture grazing and receive an extra fee on top of the milk price, as we urgently want to support this kind of livestock farming. With our campaign, “We let the cow out”, early this summer, we wanted to draw attention to the benefits of pasture grazing.

The livestock farming and the feeding of the cows and goats is indicated on the packaging by means of the association label, according to whose standards the cows and goats on the farms live. For example, most of the feed must consist of organic roughage (i.e. grass). For more information about livestock farming and feeding, click here to find out more about Bioland standards.