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Die Welt der Ziege bei Andechser Natur Ziegenmilch

The Goat’s World

Visiting friends.

Like father, like son; Georg Scheitz Jr has continued the family tradition of keeping livestock. With only one little difference; while, as a farmer, his father kept only cows until the founding of the Andechser dairy, his son specialized in keeping goats. On the edge of Andechs, amidst the beautiful foothills of the Alps, you’ll find happy goats romping around on lush green meadows. Since 1986 Georg Scheitz Jr has spent his life with goats. 

Back then the Andechser Dairy Scheitz decided to expand their product range to include organic goat’s milk specialties. However, there were hardly any goat farmers to provide them with this valuable raw material. 

“The farmers were afraid that goat keeping wouldn’t be very economical,” Georg Scheitz Jr remembers. With 30 goats he purchased from organic farmers, he became a goat pioneer. Meanwhile, there are 300 animals grazing on his meadows. And a number of imitators have followed as well; today, around 100 organic goat farms supply the Andechser Dairy Scheitz with fresh goat’s milk. Georg Scheitz Jr has a deep relationship with his animals; “goats are very sensitive animals. You have to concern yourself deeply with them and cater for them. That means talking to them again and again as well”. Goats love children, too. His own children, Georg and Beatrice, are very delighted with that, and spend a lot of time with the goats. 

From the pasture to the product

The ANDECHSER NATUR organic goat’s milk products are made from 100% organic goat’s milk. It comes from 16,000 happy goats, that graze altogether on the beautiful alpine foothills. Barbara Scheitz, CEO of the Andechser Dairy: “It is still the common opinion that goat’s milk has a stronger taste. But with the goats being outside and the healthy fodder rich in herbs for the goats, as well as an excellent stabling, the goat milk taste today is quite mild to slightly aromatic”. The production of organic goat cheese requires special craftsmanship. With gentle processing, the natural content of the organic goat’s milk is preserved.

Furthermore, we make sure only all-natural ingredients are in there, allowing the natural taste to fully unfold. 

All organic goat’s milk products

Since 1994, organic goat’s milk specialties have been well integrated in the Andechser Dairy Scheitz’s range of products.  

Meanwhile, around 10.2 million liters of goat’s milk are processed every year. Along with the classic organic goat’s milk and mild organic goat yogurt, we offer various kinds of cheese, such as the prizewinning ANDECHSER NATUR organic goat camembert or the ANDECHSER NATUR organic goat butter cheese.

The ANDECHSER NATUR organic alpine goat cheese is new in the assortment. Click here for an overview of our organic goat specialties