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3 x longer maturing time


3 x more maturing time for more flavor

“What is it that makes the ANDECHSER NATUR yogurt so unique?”

It is because of the use of valuable ingredients, certified by the association, such as the milk from our cows from 100% ecological farming, but also our special way of production; we give our delicious yogurt cultures 3 times longer to mature. This is the only way they can unfold their full effects. It happens in 3 phases:

Dreimal mehr Reifezeit

The first phase is the souring period.

In this first step our organic milk is mixed with our yogurt cultures L. acidophilus and B. Bifidum and heated to 43 degrees Celsius. Within 9-12 hours, flavors and the typical yogurt texture have developed. 

The second phase follows; the post-maturing period.

With a gentle cooling down from 43 to 28 degrees, the souring period is terminated and the post-maturing time starts. Carefully stirred, our yogurt adopts an especially creamy consistency over the course of 8 hours.

Now, the third phase starts; the resting time.

This is the longest period we give our yogurt. During this resting time, which lasts at least 12 hours, the consistency and texture are improved. At the same time, it is cooled down from 28 to 8 degrees. This is how the typical delicious ANDECHSER NATUR flavor is developed, that is appreciated by so many yogurt lovers.