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Safe and reasonable packaging

Our highest priority is to make sure that our organic products are of high quality and delivered undamaged. Even at ANDECHSER NATUR, it is impossible to do without packing. Our target is to meet the needs of our customers. As multifaceted as the customers of our organic products are, so varied is our demand for various kinds of packaging. This starts with a number of various product sizes – for single households, families, hotels and restaurants – and ends with the decision-making criteria for special packaging such as transportation and environmental awareness. This is why we offer a variety of products in various packaging and sizes

Innovative handling of packaging technologies and the protection of resources are a matter of course at Andechser Dairy Scheitz. These sustainable values have been lived in the family company for many decades. In the choice of our packaging we have always been searching for solutions which take into account safety, quality, as well as ecological aspects. 

The reduction of packaging and the use of resource-saving materials is an important goal for us. Therefore, we have been in a permanent research and development process, which we actively shape by open discussions with suppliers, customers, experts and institutions. 

Our packaging is steadily optimized. Of course, we also work out new filling options with alternative packaging. Such decisions involve great investments which have to be carefully checked as they are used for many years. 

The topic of packaging is quite a dynamic one – there will certainly be optimized solutions here in the future, in all areas. We are aware of our responsibility. 

Reduce packaging expenses, optimize materials

Since the beginning of 2018 up until today we have once more significantly reduced the materials used. With the optimization of materials, we have been able to save more than 37 tons of plastic. Small changes may lead to great effects – the share of plastic of our 400g yogurts has been reduced by 3 grams per item. By omitting the snap-on lid, we save nearly another 30 tons of plastic. 

With the K3 cups we use a carton shell made from 100% FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry. It allows protection and stability. Therefore, our packaging only needs a small amount of plastic (up to 50% less than standard cups). That saves resources and reduces the CO2 output. 

500g yogurt cups


Savings in plastic with the inlet: approx. 14.3%


The carton sleeve is produced with 100% renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry.


400g yogurt cups


Savings in plastic with the inlet: approx. 30%


The carton sleeve is produced with 100% renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry.


450g curd cup


Savings in plastic with the inlet: approx. 11.6%


The carton sleeve is produced with 100% renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry.


1liter milk Tetra Pak


In 2018, we were able to save 3.5 tons of milk carton material due to a change in packaging.



We go the next step!


Since October 2019, we have deliberately omitted the standard snap-on lid on our 400g fruit yogurts, 450g fruit curds and our 400g Greek-style yogurts. 
By omitting the snap-on lid we were able to save 20% plastic with the fruit curd.

We were also able to reduce plastic with the 400g cup. Together with the omission of the snap-on lid this adds up to savings of 45% plastic with this packaging size.

Click here for more information. 

We go the next step!


Since November 2019 we have deliberately omitted the standard snap-on lid on our organic lassis. With our ANDECHSER NATUR organic specialties we have thus saved a total of 20% of plastic packaging. 

The reusable jar as an alternative

Along with the cups, we have always used the 500g reusable jar as sustainable alternative packaging. 

We offer many kinds of organic yogurt and the organic curd cheese in reusable jars. They are so-called ‘pool jars’ which can be filled many times and returned to almost every store.

These jars are used by other manufacturers as well – thus, the transportation routes and logistics remain as short as possible, making this kind of packaging ecologically sustainable.

Andechser Natur Mehrwegglas

How often can a yogurt jar be reused?

That depends on your help. If you take it back to the store with the lid screwed on, the jar remains unbroken and can be reused again and again until the material naturally deteriorates and the jar goes back into glass recycling.

Do I have to clean the jars before I bring them back?

Just spoon out the jar properly or clean it with used rinsing water. That’s totally OK. Please do not use fresh water. The careful, hygienic cleaning of the delivered jars is done by the manufacturers in a modern glass washing machine.

Can I bring back the jars to every store?

There is no legal obligation that a store has to take back reusable jars that are not sold in the store. Most stores are customer-friendly and will take back all 500g jars. The RVMs in many stores do not distinguish between the sorts, but they recognize the shape of the jar which is the same for all varieties.

Does the label have to be recognizable on the jar?

If your store only takes back jars that they offer in their assortments in the chiller, it makes sense for the label to be still recognizable. Usually the jars are taken back without the label as well. 

Is the jar lid reused as well?

For safety reasons during transportation the jar should be returned with the lid. But it will not be reused. The lid of the reusable jars is made of tinplate with PVC-free seal and is used to make new metal products. The labels of our jars are made of recycled paper.

Verpackung ist ein Wertstoff

How to dispose of packaging appropriately

Packaging is a recyclable material which, when used, has to be recycled appropriately. We, as the producers, also consider ourselves obliged to recycle; our responsibility does not end with the sale of the product, as exemplified by the motto: “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Please support us by the appropriate disposal of packaging and keep challenging and advising us with valuable contributions on the topic of ecological packaging!

How to dispose of the ANDECHSER NATUR organic yogurt cups

‘K3’ actually is German for ‘Karton-Kunststoff-Kombination” (about: combination of carton and plastic). You can also say that there are 3 packaging components: plastic (cup), paper (sleeve) and an aluminum lid (cup lid). All three materials should be returned to a particular waste collection system. This is why we have created a pull tab for easy separation. 

How to dispose of ANDECHSER NATUR organic milk bags

The milk packaging is composed of so-called composite packaging. It mostly consists of strong paper, but it requires a thin layer of plastic so as not to soak through, as well as a plastic lid. This is why they are not to be disposed of in the paper waste nor in the residual waste but in the collection for light packaging, the so-called ‘yellow bag’ or other corresponding containers of the dual system. 

By the way, since 2009, marking the packaging with the Green Dot mark is no longer required.


PET packaging is used solely for products consumed outside the home. For the ANDECHSER NATUR drinking yogurts and kefir. The bottles are considered light packaging and need to be put in the so-called yellow bag/yellow bin. 

With the PET bottle we also work for a continuous optimization of packaging as regards weight and material. Today’s ANDECHSER NATUR organic drinks treat changed from the 500g PET bottle to the 330g bottle made from recycled PET – using 50% recyclate. Thanks to a perforation of the sleeve, simple separation of sleeve and bottle is possible, which improves the recyclability of the bottle.

Butter foil

Our butter foil is a composition of aluminum foil and greaseproof paper on the product side. It is lightweight packaging which can be disposed of in the yellow bag/yellow bin.

Cheese packaging

The packaging of our ANDECHSER NATUR organic cheese specialties comprises plastic foils meeting the special requirements of the foil for natural products, such as, eg, air permeability. Please separate the upper foil from the bottom slice shell and dispose of both in the yellow bag/yellow bin.