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Andechser Dairy Scheitz GmbH Validated according to EMAS III

Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH validiert nach EMAS III
Published on 16. December 2018

16 years ago, the Andechser Dairy Scheitz was one of the first dairies in Europe to be certified according to the EU ecological audit. As one of the first in the food industry it had now been successfully checked according to the new EMAS III ordinance as well. 

The European environmental appraiser, Prof. Dr. Wirner (University of Dortmund), heaped praise on the successful audit of the Andechser Dairy environmental management. He was very satisfied with the work of the Andechs environmental conservation officer, Gerd-Peter Simon. The company and general management were both delighted, since parallel to the daily business, the current conversion and modernization measures of the dairy demand great commitment from everyone involved. With the so-called EMAS III core indicators, the corresponding direct ‘environmental performances’ of the Andechser Dairy were checked and evaluated.

This ‘environmental test’ collects everything concerning the resources management of the dairy (efficiency of energy and materials), the minimization of water needs, the waste produced, as well as the company emissions. The efficient use of previously built-over company grounds compared to the premises open to nature were acknowledged as well. 
CEO Barbara Scheitz’s vision includes considerably improving these good environmental values with the help of new future developments in the dairy. The new administration and multi-purpose building will become “a planted-over hill house with Hundertwasser architecture, meeting the criteria of a ‘zero energy house’ with the effect of an ‘emission lock’ towards the developed neighborhood!”

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