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Handelsblatt Award in the context of the “Brand of the Year” study 2019

Andechser Natur Handelsblatt Marke des Jahres
Published on 10. September 2019

ANDECHSER NATUR ranks first among the best brands in the field of dairy products, seventh among the highest climber brands and made it to the top 10 of best brands in Germany.

Check out the details here: Handelsblatt Artikel "Tradition gewinnt - das sind die Marken des Jahres"

The basis for the awards from YouGov and Handelsblatt is the brand performance tracker, YouGov brand index. The results of 2019 are based on more than 900,000 online interviews, which YouGov representatively conducted daily from the 1st of September, 2018 to the 31st of August, 2019 among Germans aged over 18 years. The score value of a brand for the scope of the assessment is decided by the following factors: general impression, quality, price/performance ratio, customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend and employer image. 

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